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One day in college, I walked into Japanese class to find one of my classmates with a troubled expression on her face, as she struggled to mentally work out a solution to some problem. When I asked what was wrong, she said, “My friends want to do a cosplay photo shoot, and we’re trying to figure out how to get all of the blood we need for it.”

I honestly have no idea how she solved that problem, because I was worried that if I stayed in the conversation any longer, she’d ask me to make a donation to their cause. After graduation, we lost touch with each other, which is too bad, because this Japanese cosplay supplier has the perfect solution: fake blood that can be rinsed off of your skin with just water, and washes out of clothing without leaving so much as a trace of fake hemoglobin.

Assist Wig’s name is a little misleading, since the company also sells a variety of other cosplay items and props. Still, wigs seem to be their main focus, and calling themselves Assist Blood might give the impression that the organization is something much more violent that purveyors of anime dress-up merchandise.

The company’s newest item is called “Whoosh! Blood (Gore that Rinses Off with Water)” or Sara! Chi (Mizu de Nagaseru Chinori) in Japanese.

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Sold in 60-milliliter (two-ounce) bottles, the realistically colored fake blood can be spread using your fingertips or a powder puff. It dries in 20 to 30 minutes, meaning you’ll be ready to start cosplaying as the characters from your favorite horror and tragically-beautiful-samurai-who-died-in-their-youth-from-tuberculosis-genre anime, manga, and video games in no time.

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▼ This is why you should always wear an apron when using a chef’s knife to prep meat for cooking.

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Cosplayers put a lot of time and money into their creations, and a single stain can undo weeks’ worth of work both at the sewing table and the job where the money was earned to pay for the materials. Thankfully, Assist Wig’s new fake blood comes off as easily as it goes on. To remove it from your skin, all you have to do is rinse it with water, and an ordinary wash in the washing machine will remove the substance completely from the most commonly used fabrics.

▼ The demonstration has about the cheeriest music you’ll ever hear in a video that, at its heart, is about blood.

▼ Assist Wig cautions customers that the substance has not been tested on all materials, but the video does show it being used on (clockwise from top left) satin, polyester, cotton, and cotton jeans.

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▼ Not only do the cloth samples come out of the wash completely unstained (the satin scrap is shown here), none of the fake blood transferred to the white T-shirt that was washed with them, either.

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If this product seems like it could be the lifeblood of your cosplay activities, orders can be made here directly from the Assist Wig website. One bottle costs 1,500 yen (US$12.60), making the price less painful than sticking a syringe in yourself (or your classmate).

Source: IT Media
Top image: Assist Wig (edited by RocketNews24)
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