What do you get if you cross Disney, an iPhone, and a snowglobe? These new liquid-filled Disney iPhone cases, of course!

Not only are these things functional (preventing your precious phone from getting scratched) they’re also a source of constant fun as you can flip the phone upside-down and watch all the characters float around on the back.

The Disney iPhone cases feature characters from four Disney franchises: Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Frozen, and Mickey Mouse.

While the cases themselves are clear, they’re filled with a blue liquid which the tiny characters inside float around on.

The case comes with a clear sheet with the film logo on (which you could always leave off if you prefer) and the case itself which is full of blue goop and little floaty Disney characters.

That goopy stuff looks jiggly and addictive! We’d have a hard time not constantly shaking our phones to watch the little characters get tossed about on a sea of blue stuff. It beats staring blankly at our screens, we guess!

If you’re interested in the cases, they’re available from manufacturer Hamee at 2,600 yen (US$21) per case, and can be purchased now on Strapya.com. If you’re not in Japan, keep an eye on their international site Strapya-World.com just in case!

Source: NariNari
Images: Strapya.com