Usually when someone wants to wear a dead thing’s skin, we call the police or at least make a really creepy movie. But if that someone is an otter, it’s suddenly super cute.

This picture was snapped by Twitter user @kawakyara2 with the comment, “When this otter covered his eyes with a piece of salmon skin, I fell in love for life.”

That bit of dead fish flesh is just the right size for his furry little face! And the scales are sparkly like sequins! Awwww! It’s like he’s wearing a fabulous little eye mask.

Of course, if you know anything about otters, you wouldn’t be at all surprised by a tendency to accessorize with necrotic fish bits. Those cute little critters are the pedophile rapists of the sea. Plus, they kidnap pups for food and are into necrophilia. Otters are total dicks.

But they are incredibly cute, so we love them anyway. There’s probably a life lesson in there or something. But look, another cute picture!


Feature image: Twitter (@kawakyara2)
Top image: Geek Philosopher; Bottom image: Cute Wallpapers