The prestigious Fudan University (复旦大学) in Shanghai, China has been hit by a storm of criticism for allegedly ripping off a PR video which was released by the University of Tokyo last year.

As one of nine schools of higher education that constitute the elite C9 League, Fudan University is one of the most prestigious universities in mainland China. However, its elite status hasn’t stopped various critics from denouncing a recent PR video designed to celebrate the university’s 110th anniversary since its foundation on charges of blatant plagiarism.

The video in question is said to closely resemble a two-minute promotional video released last April by Japan’s University of Tokyo, which is consistently ranked as the nation’s and Asia’s top research university. In the clip, a female astronaut walks around the school’s library, campus buildings, and various parts of Tokyo, all while an English voice over narrates her life journey. At the very end of the video, she removes her helmet to reveal herself as Naoko Yamazaki, a University of Tokyo graduate from the class of 1993.

While Fudan University’s PR video is a bit longer at three minutes and 45 seconds (minus the end credits), the video follows a similar pattern of a female narrator walking and talking, and bears an uncanny resemblance to the Japanese one in several regards.

This time, the protagonist is wearing a flight uniform complete with a helmet, and her narration is interspersed with scenes of the university and surrounding community. Most notably, specific imagery, such as running her fingertips along a row of books, watching fish, and dancing in a club, are present in this video as well. The last scene in which she takes off her helmet and reveals herself as a flight test engineer and 2009 graduate of Fudan University is also identical to that of the Japanese video.

▼ The final scene of the University of Tokyo PR video


▼ The final scene of the Fudan University PR video


Take a moment now to watch both of the videos, and decide for yourself if any foul play is involved:

▼ The University of Tokyo’s PR video

▼ Fudan University’s PR video (the University of Tokyo video also begins playing at 4:34)

In reaction to the Fudan University video, both Japanese and Chinese net users are calling for its creator to issue a public apology, claiming that the multiple similarities are indisputable proof of plagiarism. Consequently, the video was removed from Fudan University’s official website on May 28; the Chinese media has also stated that the university intends to create a new PR video in its place.

Finally, as if those allegations weren’t enough, the designer of the logo for Fudan University’s 11oth anniversary celebration has also been accused of infringing on Apple’s Touch ID emblem. Perhaps it’s time for the publicity department at Fudan University to reevaluate some of their strategic goals…

Source: Sankei News via Toychan Net
Images: YouTube (UTokyo), YouTube (arimeyoki)