If you haven’t noticed by the number of cute cat videos or the famous character Hello Kitty, a lot of Japanese people kind of like cats. In fact, they like cats so much, that many common words and phrases have developed using the word “cat” in them, such as nekoze, which means “hunchback” or “bent back,” (neko is “cat”, ze is “back”).

One Japanese cat owner found their kitty sitting in the exact posture that brought this word about in the first place, but the cat was set straight again by quite a surprising (read: adorable) event.

▼ “Me-WOW”

The cute kitty, intrigued by the sounds coming out of its owner’s computer, started pawing around to figure out what was making all that racket, but man, look at that poor nekoze posture! Good thing her owner has what he dubs the “hunchback correction machine.” Eject one disc and your cat will have perfect posture!

▼ The poor kitty was so surprised, yet so adorable!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9

There are many more words that have been inspired by Japanese kitties, such as nekojita (cat tongue) the “inability to eat hot foods or drink hot liquids,” neko no te mo karitai or “being so busy you’d even take help from a cat, neko no hitai (cat’s forehead) as in “a very tiny area,” and neko baba meaning “embezzlement.” We’d love to see a video showing the origin of neko baba, but it might be hard to find a cat stealing money…

Source: Vine (@codamanp) via CuRAZY
Image: Vine (@codamanp) edited by CuRAZY