Universities in Japan typically have a co-op (seikyo) system offering various services to students, including on-campus stores where a wide range of products, from box lunches to everyday stationery items and even electronic appliances in some cases, can be purchased.

It so happens that at these shops, communication between students and the shop staff is encouraged, in particular through opinion sheets which students can fill in with requests or questions. These sheets are usually posted on a message board in the shop with the staff’s response, and one particular opinion sheet containing a very artistically presented request and an equally visually impressive reply has recently been shared on Twitter to the amusement of many internet users.

Here’s the tweet by user @shu_shoku_mu_ri showing the opinion sheet that has been impressing the Japanese Internet:

Now, straight away, we’re quite sure you can tell that the hand-illustrated artwork featuring characters from the popular manga and anime Dragon Ball is of very high quality. But that’s not all.

Since the opinion sheet is divided down the middle into two sections, one for the request/opinion from customers and the other for the reply from the store staff, it means two artistically talented people were involved in the creation of this masterpiece! And if you take a closer look, you’ll see that it’s quite a funny request to begin with, and the co-op staff has responded with a similar sense of humor.

▼ On the left side is the request from the customer, expressed by Frieza. The much-loved Dragon Ball villain is depicted here saying, “At the moment, I have a total of exactly 53 yen (US$0.42). Now, sell me a lunch that I can buy with that money.

seikyo のコピー

▼ And on the right-hand side, here’s the reply from the shop staff, showing a flustered and tearful Vegeta saying: “I … can’t!

seikyo のコピー 2

It’s fun to see that two Dragon Ball fans were brought together by chance on a university co-op store board, of all places, and what’s more, that both their illustrations should be so awesome! It’s not surprising that the tweet has received numerous comments on how good the drawings are, including the response: “So, maybe now you’ll need artistic talent to become a co-op employee!”

We’re sure the opinion sheet provided a good laugh for students at the university, and once again, we have to say we’re impressed with how far the culture of Dragon Ball has reached into our daily lives!

Source and images: Twitter (@shu_shoku_mu_ri)