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Those of you who enjoy scholarly debates in the intrinsically linked twin fields of semantics and hot pants may recall how a few months ago one Twitter user claimed a scandalously skimpy pair of the garments should be worn as commonly as “regular shorts” because they were being sold through mainstream online retailer Yahoo! Japan. We’re still not sure whether place of purchase is the be-all, end-all deciding factor in determining such things, but everyone looking for broader validation of obviously fetish-based fashion will be happy to know that the front zipper swimsuit that had tongues wagging earlier this year is now available from the online shop of one of Japan’s most popular novelty good stores.

We’re not sure why it took its name from the famed New York jazz club, but Japanese chain Village Vanguard, with branches scattered across the country’s urban centers, is a great shop to kill some time in. Village Vanguard bills itself as an “exciting book store,” and it’s just the place to go if you want to pick up a quirky photo album, offbeat interior item, or pack of Attack on Titan curry.

The chain also has an online store, which might be the better option if you’d feel self-conscious buying one of manufacturer Realise’s front zipper swimsuits in person.

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And for the record, no, we don’t have any idea what’s going on with this girl’s face. Maybe it’s an experiment to see if anyone is looking at anything other than her chest.

▼ Sexy and versatile-how can you afford not to have this in your wardrobe?

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▼ The backside is zipper-less.

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The daringly designed swimsuit is available in black or white for 12,960 yen (US$109), in sizes medium to extra-extra-large.

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Due to its extremely form-fitting nature, customers are encouraged to purchase theirs in one or two sizes larger than they ordinarily wear, which begs the question of why Realise doesn’t just call them small, medium, large, and extra-large instead.

▼ Although if you’re confident enough in your figure to slip into this number, odds are you’re not the type to get embarrassed over the size printed on the label.

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The front zipper swimsuit can be ordered here, with delivery expected by the end of June.

Source: IT Media
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