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If you’re a budding illustrator, there are a number of artwork-sharing sites on the Internet where you can post your creations for all the world to see. Being based in Japan, it’s no surprise that many of the drawings on website Pixiv reflect Japanese animation art trends, and browsing the site you can find hundreds of gorgeously drawn characters that look like they could be starring in their own series.

But to really complete the anime fantasy, a character needs a voice, right? Thankfully, Pixiv now lets you add voice clips to your illustrations. Not only that, artists can also solicit voice samples from other users, so if you can’t draw to save your life, but have always wanted to dip your toes in the amateur voice acting world, now’s your chance!

In order to try out the new feature, you’ll first need a Pixiv account (you can sign up for free here). Next, you’ll need to download the Pixvoice app for your iPhone.

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If you’re doing double duty as both artist and voice actor, simply tap the app’s record button, say your line, and then select the illustration you want to add the recording to from your Pixiv media library.

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Alternatively, if you’ve got more confidence in your pens and pencils than your vocal chords, you can add the tagピクボイス (Pixvoice) to your illustration, which will bring up your picture in search results for illustrations soliciting voice samples.

The list of illustrations awaiting entries can be found on the Pixvoice app’s Home menu, under ボイス募集中イラスト (boisu bochu irasuto, or “illustrations currently soliciting voices). Would-be voice actors can select the illustration they want to voice, which will then bring up the recording screen.

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The free Pixvoice app can be downloaded here from the iTunes store, and Pixiv says an Android version is coming soon.

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Source, images: Pixvoice official website