Leave it to Japan to introduce all things cute to the world. Without Japan, no one would be able to enjoy the likes of sweet little characters such as Hello Kitty, Pikachu, Rilakkuma, Totoro… and now, these precious little Tabineko (traveling cats) figures, which can be found relaxing in a hot onsen bath, enjoying a nice cup of tea, or waiting at the bus stop to travel to his next destination.

The Tabineko figurine series, available from wholesale miscellaneous goods marketer DECOLE, features a black and a calico cat on their travels of Japan. In one “scene”, we see the black cat kicking back in an outdoor hot spring pool, and the calico cat sprawled out on the tatami mat floor.

But more than just cute figurines, these are actually clever smartphone stands which, when in use, make it appear as if the cats themselves are watching whatever video is playing on the screen!


We can also find them kneeling on the floor and enjoying a cut of tea together, waiting for the bus to their next destination, peering around the bus stop sign, or taking a nap on the edge of a coffee mug.






The Tabineko series also features some more practical items that are great as small gifts and souvenirs, such as these adorable clothespin clips…


…a little storage cup for jewelry or other tiny sundries…


…a hanko name stamp holder…


…a pen, sticky notes, and more!




Unfortunately, the Tabineko aren’t available for purchase directly from DECOLE, but are sold through specially designated shops only. So if you happen to find any of these traveling cats on your own journey, be sure to snatch them up!

Source: Nekorabo
Images: DECOLE