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Samsung is pushing their new phone, the Galaxy S6 edge, right to the corners of the globe. They hope that this wraparound technology is the next big thing in the smart phone landscape. Samsung has also spent some big bucks to lockdown some very cool tie-ins between the Earth’s mightiest heroes and the new S6 edge. If you are an Iron Man fan and hope to own one of the limited edition Iron Man smart phones, you’d better have Tony Stark-like cash flow, because it is going to cost you a pretty penny.

The Samsung official YouTube channel released an epic unboxing video of the limited edition Iron Man version of their new Galaxy S6 edge. This version comes in a special red and gold color scheme that makes it feel like you are carrying around a piece of the Iron Man suit with you at all times.

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Inside the box you will find the phone with a special Avengers theme pre-loaded, a charger, earphones, a protective cover and a specially designed wireless charging station that looks like an arc reactor.

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These extremely limited edition phones are only being sold in three countries. South Korea got the chance to pick one up on May 27, with China and Hong Kong slated to get units later in June. With no plans for a wider release, it is extremely difficult and expensive to acquire one of these cool gadgets in North America.

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The original price of this phone was 1,199,000 won (about US $1,082.92), but all 1,000 of them sold out incredibly quickly. Fans who want to own this special phone have turned to auction sites like eBay where completed sales have ranged from around $2,300 to a whopping $35,600.

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With only 1,000 such phones in existence at the moment, we are unlikely to see the price going down any time soon. For now, us non-billionaires will have to settle for the normal S6 edge that retails for about $915.

Source: YouTube (Samsung Mobile)
Additional Information: Samsung Galaxy, eBay

Images: YouTube (Samsung Mobile), Samsung Galaxy