It must be a proud moment in any parent’s life when his or her children start learning how to write. Still, you can only expect so much in terms of penmanship, clever phrasing, or even actual meaning when a preschooler puts pen (or more likely pencil) to paper.

Nevertheless, this Japanese Twitter user was probably moved when he found out his young daughter had written a letter just for him. He was also probably a little puzzled, though, that she specifically instructed him to read it while in the bathroom, and believe it or not, the story gets weirder from there.

Nukaimura Soncho’s daughter seems to just be getting the hang of writing, as evidenced by the fact that her note to her father is written all in phonetic hiragana and katakana script, with none of the more complicated kanji characters that would be mixed in with an adult’s writing.

The finer points of composition structure are also still a little beyond her grasp, as the note’s envelope reads:

“Look at this when you’re in the bathroom.
To Papa
When you’re in the bathroom, Papa, you have to read this, OK?”

Nukaimura Soncho’s daughter makes up for her meandering writing style with pure enthusiasm and a helpful illustration of a toilet, which seems to be some sort of deluxe model that sits atop extended legs.

To make doubly sure her dad would read the letter in the correct place, the girl even left it lying in the bathroom, instead of hand-delivering it. So when Nukaimura Soncho stepped into the room to do his business, he complied with the instructions and read it right then and there.

So what exactly was his daughter so adamant about telling him in that specific room of the house?

“Don’t poop!”

We have no idea what the impetus was for the mischievous missive, and Nukaimura Soncho seems to have been equally baffled by it. “The letter I found in the bathroom is just too out there…” he quipped while sharing the photos with his followers.

It also must have put him in a tough position, too, because what is a father supposed to do? Heed the call of nature, or spite his own flesh and blood?

Truly, parenting is filled with difficult decisions.

Source: Curazy, Twitter