If you didn’t see our previous collection of photos of Angelica Kenova, now would be a perfect time to become acquainted with Russia’s take on a real-life Barbie girl.”

The 26-year-old model and self-described ballerina from Moscow, Russia could certainly give Ukraine’s real-life Barbie a run for her money in a battle of doll-like features. Angelica’s case is particularly interesting because she claims that her parents purposefully raised her as “a living doll.” As a result, she has never experienced things that most women her age have done, such as having a boyfriend, or even picking out her own clothes.  

Since she was six years old, Angelica has faithfully adhered to her parents’ desire for her to become a living doll. That’s right, this whole Barbie business is actually encouraged by the ‘rents, who probably elevate the term “overbearing” to new levels.

At 26, Angelica has never had a boyfriend, and her mother chaperones any dates she goes on. In fact, she still lives with her parents, and they don’t seem very keen on her leaving the nest any time soon. According to a report by Metro, Angelina was quoted as saying:

“My mother and father don’t want me to move out of the family home. I’m not even allowed to buy clothes without my mum there – she likes to choose attire that clings to my figure and emphasize my good features.”

While her 51-centimeter (20-inch) waist and 32E bra size are public knowledge, don’t mention the dreaded “p-word” around her. The first time we featured Angelica on our site, there was no word about whether she had undergone plastic surgery or not–but since then she has answered that question with a resounding “no”:

“I have never had plastic surgery. Cosmetic work is only necessary when an individual has serious faults with their face or body.”

Instead, she chalks up her almost unreal figure to a combination of diet and three-hour workouts five times per week.

Enjoy looking at the following photos of Angelica showcasing her Barbie-like features. If anyone’s willing to be her “Ken,” maybe you should drop her a line!

▼ A short video clip about Angelica

Original article by Meg Sawai
Sources/Images: Metro, Facebook (Angelica Kenova), Facebook (Angelika Kenova)
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