Who doesn’t love ramen? Not only has this famous Japanese noodle dish won the hearts of many Asian cuisine aficionados, but its instant variety has long been the top pick by college students for satisfying the munchies during late night study binges.

If you, too, consider yourself a ramen lover or know someone who is, we urge you to check out The Ramen Poster by an American artist who has taken her love of hot noodles in broth to the next level.

Fanny Chu, the Ramen Poster’s creator and a resident of Berkley, California, says she was inspired by all the different types of ramen she saw during a trip to Japan, and that she found the dish’s cuteness just as appealing as its delicious smell and taste. She decided to pay homage to both with a stunning and visually appealing graphic art print.

Then, in order to help spread more ramen love across the globe, she turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to launch the print as two different versions of The Ramen Poster, featuring 25 different illustrations and descriptions of the most popular ramen varieties across Japan.

The mouthwatering poster comes in both a Traditional Version


…and a Festival Version.


Chu’s original goal of US$1,000 to fund the project was met within a single day with an overwhelmingly positive response, and to date The Ramen Poster campaign has raised over US$15,000. Just think of how many bowls of ramen that could buy!

Not only does the poster let you help show your support of Japanese cuisine with its beautiful artwork, it also gives you the chance to learn about the different ingredients and history behind each local area’s version of the dish. It even functions as a checklist, too!  Just how many have you tried?

At only US$29 (plus shipping), the poster, which can be purchased here, makes great statement piece for any ramen fan or could be the perfect gift for that special ramen-loving someone.

Source: Karapaia
Top image: Kickstarter
Insert images: My Ramen House