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As we’ve mentioned before, Japanese convenience stores are pretty awesome. Since so many people do their shopping on foot in urban and suburban Japan, convenience stores often function like small grocery stores for the immediately surrounding neighborhood, not just a place to buy junk food, beer, and dirty magazines (although they stock all three of those in abundance, too).

Because of this, Japanese convenience stores sell a lot of stuff that you might not expect, like a fairly extensive array of low-calorie dining options, or, as 7-Eleven is now offering, a life-size replica of hit anime Attack on Titan’s 3-D maneuver gear.

If you already bought the 7-Eleven-exclusive Evangelion sports car and were wondering when the convenience store giant would get around to offering its next piece of over-the-top anime merch, your wait is over. The chain is currently taking preorders for full-size replicas of the piece of fantasy engineering the Attack on Titan cast uses to zip through the air while battling their oversized and naked foes.

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Fashioned from materials including ABS resin, aluminum, and silicone, the design appears similar, if not identical, to the 3-D Maneuver Gear anime retailer Movic started selling last October. But whereas that package was listed as weighing roughly 10 kilograms (22 pounds), 7-Eleven bills the set it’s selling at a much lower weight of approximately 8.2 kilos.

▼ Which is good news, because you want to be as light on your feet as possible when fighting an army of remorseless, human-eating Titans.

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Unfortunately, you can’t just waltz into your local 7-Eleven, grab a set of 3-D maneuver gear off the shelf, and have the clerk ring you up at the register. The set is being sold as a delivery-only item, and you can order yours here between now and June 28.

Purchasers can expect to receive their packages sometime around mid-July. That might seem like a bit of a wait, but it does at least prove that they’re arriving by truck, since if the delivery person was strapping the 3-D maneuver gear on and flying to your house, we assume it’d arrive much faster.

Actually, though, 7-Eleven’s website clearly states that its 3-D maneuver gear does not grant flight capabilities (although the blades and grips are detachable). The website also states “This item is for display and cosplay purposes. Please refrain from other uses,” which has us wondering what other uses there could be.

▼ Does anyone think this is business attire?

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Given the size and detail, it’s not surprising that the 3-D maneuver gear commands a hefty price tag, specifically 107,784 yen (US$890). Still, it is pretty awesome-looking, and if you find yourself in need of a part-time job to earn the extra cash to pay for it, 7-Eleven might just be both the cause of and solution to your problem.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan
Images: 7-Eleven Japan (edited by RocketNews24)