We think it’s probably a safe bet that fans of Naruto and fans of traditional Japanese culture have a fair amount of overlap.

Naruto, after all, features ninjas flipping around in the air and throwing fireballs and whatnot, which is pretty much what we’re told old-timey Japan was all about. Well, that and, like, crazy, swelling tsunami waves so epic that artists felt the need to document them in Japan’s famed woodblock prints.


Now fans of both Naruto and traditional woodblock prints can have the best of both worlds with these expensive but handmade artisan woodblock prints that combine the epic works of Katsushika Hokusai and Masashi Kishimoto, two contrasting Japanese artists representing the “old” of Japanese yukio-e woodblock art and the “new” of Japanese manga and anime.


The Ukiyo-e artist employed to combine the two iconic Japanese works is himself a well-established woodblock carver with a talent that takes this piece far above amateur fan art.

Of course, that means it’s going to cost you; to the tune of around 50,000 yen (approximately US$450), so interested parties should make sure they’re prepared to sell a kidney or something to get their hands on this gem.


Aniplex is apparently offering only a limited run of this sweet print, so Naruto and/or Hokusai fans should jump on it soon via the link to the official website below. And, of course, as with all of the best geeky Japanese stuff, you need to be residing in Japan to get a hold of it.

Source: Nijimen
Photos: Official website