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Have you ever heard about how dogs and cats seem to know that their owners are coming home from as far a mile away? That’s pretty weird. It raises questions about what other special and secret talents our pets possess.

Recently, one Japanese Shiba Inu accidentally revealed one of is special talents: The ability to float. All other floating dogs should be wary because his picture was taken while in action!

▼ The dog in question performing his miraculous stunt.

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Those are pretty small pictures, so let’s take a closer look. Could this little pooch really be floating a good 40 centimeters (16 inches) above ground?

▼ He’s not even using his hands to help him stay up!

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▼ It’s as if he’s saying, “So long, Sucker. I’m going to float around the house all day while you’re out.”

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Sure, there could be some logical reason behind this, maybe he’s sitting awkwardly at the end of a sofa or…well, really, we can’t think of any other explanation. Regardless, we’d like to assume that yes, our pets do, indeed, have hidden superpowers that they keep concealed from us unworthy humans.

Source: Enoge
Top image: Twitter/@pouta556 (edited by RocketNews24)
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