Some weeks ago, we saw how the McDonald’s fans in Korea professed their love for the Big Mac with their humorous and refreshing performances of the Big Mac Song. But sometimes the best way to express your ardent feelings is by serenading your object of affection with a heartfelt love song.

The creative masterminds behind McDonald’s Hong Kong’s recent advertising stint came up with a ballad that serenaded the franchise’s iconic burger and won the hearts of Cantopop fans at the same time! Hear it after the jump!

Cantonese pop music is a domain of Chinese pop music, and it has a huge following among Cantonese-speaking communities spread across the world, but most significantly in Hong Kong, the heart of Cantopop.

Although it is said that Cantopop has passed its prime after the handover of Hong Kong to China took place in 1997 and the focus was shifted from Cantonese (a dialect of Chinese) to standard Chinese, there are still a lot of people who love and reminisce the golden age (1980s to 1990s) of Cantopop where some of the biggest names in C-pop history were made.

Tapping into the deepest passions of the citizens, Hong Kong’s McDonald’s recently released a parodied version of award-winning actor and singer-songwriter Ram Chiang’s duet with Rita Carpio, filmed in a style reminiscent of a 90s music video, tugging on the heartstrings and tickling the funny bones of Cantopop lovers. Don’t worry if you don’t understand Cantonese, we’ve got the lyrics translated below.

▼ Performed by the original singer, Ram Chiang.

怕吃錯 但我豈可輕放過
Afraid of eating the wrong one, but how could I give up so easily

問此刻世上 經典漢堡有幾個
At this point in our time, how many classic burgers are there?

Neighbors, relatives, friends and fans

A casual survey will tell

Big Mac也一定Win
Big Mac is sure to win

雙層牛classic Big Mac
Double patty classic Big Mac

Sauce and pickles rendezvous with onion

Coupled with tomato, cheese, lettuce, sesame

Everyone ate, ate and ate, and they smiled and said it’s delicious

To cure hunger go to McDonald’s

相逢何必曾Big Mac
You don’t have to be acquainted to fall in love with the Big Mac

Hold it up high with your hands and bite into it

Everyone ate, laughed, cheered, laughed more and praised its taste even more

勁鍾意 因Big Mac確係經典
Super lovin’ it, because Big Mac is really a classic

也許天天可以既話 准許我多吃一次
If possible, I wish I could eat it one more time every day

Big Mac梗要孖住嚟
Big Mac has to come in twos

But first let me eat this one

And rewrite the legacy of eating

▼ Now on the piano!

Isn’t that simply the most beautiful song ever dedicated to a burger? A Cantopop classic for a classic burger, it couldn’t get better than that. If only the burger could reciprocate the love and come with extra patties, or a free side of fries, it’d be the perfect happy ending.

▼ In case you were wondering, this is the original duet that was released in 1990. It’s not about a burger, of course.

Source/Images: YouTube
Special thanks to my Cantonese ninja friend Wing for the help with deciphering the lyrics.