In the past we’ve brought you Sh*t Japanese Girls Say and Sh*t My (Japanese) Mom Says, both of which really hit home for me as a former Japanese home-stay student and expat in Japan. Still, I often find myself wondering what life is like for other expats around the world, especially those living in other Asian countries like Korea.

Thanks to Sh*t Koreans Say, the latest addition to the ever popular Sh*t ___ Say meme by Korean Junkies, I feel like I now have a slightly better idea.

Much like Japan, foreigners in Korea only make up about 2 percent of the country’s total population. Since many Koreans may not interact with foreigners on a daily basis, it might not come as a surprise that sometimes they fall back on stereotypes when they actually do encounter one. But just what kind of stereotypes about foreigners exist in Korea?

Korean Junkies keeps the tone light-hearted as they describe some common issues foreigners may run into after arriving in the land of kimichi, such as…

…Koreans thinking you’ve tried drugs, or do them often…


…Koreans not believing you can hold your own when it comes to spicy foods…



…or Koreans feeling sorry for you because you’re not currently in a relationship.


Here’s the video in full. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Judging by comments the video has received so far from other foreigners that have lived or are currently living in Korea, apparently some of these crazy situations really are par for the course.

However, back in 2010 my (Japanese) husband and I took a trip to Seoul, and we encountered a few different stereotypes than those listed above. The one that primarily stood out was that not only did locals try to refuse us spicy food, many tried to dissuade us from eating Korean cuisine altogether! The number of times we were refused a menu only to be asked, “How about some omurice instead?” was mind-boggling, and begs the question of what stereotypes of expats of other Asian nationalities are similar or different the ones presented here.

Either way, if you’re curious about life abroad in Korea, or are planning on going to Korea anytime soon, we recommend you keep a keen eye on the Korea Junkies YouTube channel for an entertaining look at what might be in store for you when you step off the plane.

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