Everyone has their own tastes and preferences for, well, just about anything. From food to fashion to members of the opposite sex, what might repel one person could make the next one a drooling, love-struck mess.

A poll taken recently on well-known web forum 4chan asked readers what sort of female characters made them swoon, and while some of the replies were really nothing out of the ordinary, others might leave you scratching your head, trying to figure out what on earth type of girl would someone call a Christmas cake?

The poll, which racked up a total of 1,235 responses, found that the all-round, most popular character type was the tomboy.


Rejoicing and high fives were had, until we looked at number two: Loli-types. Hmm…

Skimming through the list, you’ll find many types you’re familiar with, but unless you have some knowledge of Japanese, a lot of the terms may be unfamiliar to you. For example, Oneesan– and Imout0-types. Since oneesan (お姉さん) means “older sister” and imouto (妹) means “younger sister”, these ones are pretty easy to get.

Another one you may be unfamiliar with is Tsundere. The “tsun” part comes from tsun-tsun, which is a Japanese onomatopoeia which means to be sharp or pointed, and tsundere refers to people who have rapidly-changing, hot-cold personalities.

The results of the polls were further divided by whether the respondent was male or female.



While tomboys still reign supreme on both charts, and the results are generally the same overall, a noticeable difference is that “Traps” jump from 25th place on the male graph, to 5th place on the female graph. I take it guys aren’t so keen on finding out that their “girl” isn’t really a girl after all?

AtrapitisImage via Know Your Meme

“But what about the Christmas Cake?” you may still be wondering. This will make sense if you’re familiar with the Japanese way of celebrating Christmas – a “traditional” family dinner of a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, followed by a Christmas cake (which is generally a sponge cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberries). Once Christmas is over (after December 25), no one really wants to buy a Christmas cake any more, and so any leftovers are sold for a discount. This same thought is applied (rather distastefully, we might add) to women who are still unmarried after the age of 25, applying the notion that no one really wants to marry a woman after she’s hit that age… Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!

We do have to point out, though, that this term is very rarely used these days, and many Japanese themselves have never even heard it before. And, as is true for many nations these days, Japanese people are tending to hold off on marriage longer and longer, so the term really no longer applies.

Seasonal desserts aside, what do the Japanese think of the results of these polls?

Source: Reddit via Yurukuyaru
Featured image: YouTube (Cooking with Dog)