emoji 08

Have a convention coming up and you’re scrounging for last-minute cosplay ideas? Perhaps you’re on a super tight budget and need to make a costume out of the bare minimum.

Well we have the answer for you! Hong Kong-based YouTube channel DigitalRev TV recently put up a video where they tried their best to recreate several of the most popular emoji in real life. Some of the results are ridiculous, others are scary, but all are truly inspirational to the lovers of minimal costuming out there.

Here’s the video in its entirety, showing how the team went about creating their emoji monstrosities. Scroll down for some highlights/spoilers!

▼ To start, they had to divvy up the emoji. There’s a nice variety of almost-doable and probably-impossible ones.

emoji 01

▼ First up is the lady in the dress. Not quite sure when you’d use that emoji, but here we are!

emoji 02

▼ Hey, that’s not half bad! Almost makes me want to find a use for it.

emoji 03

▼ Next up is “walking guy.” To add a bit of a challenge, they had him jump in the air to give the impression he was levitating.

emoji 04

▼ In the end though the jumping makes him look more like a giant than anything else.

emoji 05

▼ Now we get to the crazy ones. First up, “crying with laughter.”

emoji 06

▼ And the final, Photoshopped result shows the reason why they don’t use real faces for emoji.

emoji 07

▼ Now we have “love face.” Look! The screaming’s already started!

emoji 08

▼ …and it hasn’t stopped! Let’s move on quick.

emoji 09

▼ Looking in the mirror to get that smile right for, uh, “hand flat out girl?”

emoji 10

▼ Oh god. Why did they leave the teeth? Why did they leave the teeth?!

emoji 11

▼ And lastly we have the muscle emoji, for when your real guns are too tired from lifting all day at the gym but you still want to show off.

emoji 12

▼ A couple of Photoshop steroids later and the final result is an uncanny match.

emoji 13

While the real-life emoji counterparts aren’t going to overtake the cartoon versions anytime soon, it’s still a fun exercise to see what some of these ridiculous expressions look like in real life. Now if we can just convince the same team to take on some of the more advanced native Japanese emoji next, that would be something to see!

Source: YouTube (DigitalRev TV) via Designtaxi
Images: YouTube (DigitalRev TV)