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Birds of a feather flock together, unless, that is you happen to be a penguin and are in love with your aquatic keeper at the Kyoto Aquarium.

We all grow attached to the animals that we have to take care of, but it’s always the best when that animal returns the affection. The Kyoto Aquarium Twitter feed has been posting pictures of one little penguin showing lots of love to his handler, and they couldn’t make a cuter couple!

Made extremely popular after appearing on a Japanese television program, these tweets from @Kyoto_Aquarium show human and animal interaction at its cutest. Little penguin Shichijo has grown incredibly fond of Yoshizawa, his feeder and handler. Shichijo has been so enamored by Yoshizawa that he follows his handler around all the time.

Their relationship is so tight that each time they meet they have to hug.

Even when Yoshizawa is attending to the other penguins, Shichijo wants to be close by.

You always know when a relationship is going well when the two start looking like each other.

It’s certainly heartwarming to see this loving pair and we can only hope that the Kyoto Aquarium continues to share such adorable pictures of the two. People and penguins really do make a perfect pair.

Source: Twitter (@Kyoto_Aquarium) via Hamsoku
Images: Twitter (@Kyoto_Aquarium)
Top Image: Twitter (@Kyoto_Aquarium) edited by RocketNews24