Her Imperial Highness Princess Kako of Akishino, the 20-year old granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, has recently been getting a lot of attention online in Japan after she appeared in public by herself for the first time looking exceptionally poised and beautiful.

The Princess paid an official visit to the tomb of Emperor Antoku at Akama Shrine in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and was greeted by a crowd of adoring fans, many of who managed to snap pictures of the smiling young woman. Bystanders described the Princess as “extremely cute”, “beautiful” and “god-like”. We have to agree – she’s quite the beauty.

▼ This tweeter was ecstatic to receive a personal smile from the princess as they snapped this shot of her arriving by car at the shrine.

▼ Local residents were grateful to the princess for choosing Shimonoseki as the stage for her official debut in Japanese society as an adult and member of the imperial family.

▼ The princess looked “exceptionally beautiful” according to this Twitter user, who managed to encounter her entourage by coincidence during a chance return to their home town of Shimonoseki.


▼ Members of the press were in attendance to document the princess’s visit.

▼ Shrine attendants were on hand to personally guide the princess.

▼ The princess’s sweet, down-to-earth smile has won the hearts of the Japanese public and garnered her much positive attention online.

Princess Kako is currently a student at the International Christian University in Tokyo, and has previously studied English abroad at Trinity College in Dublin. She is popular among the Japanese public for her demure demeanour, lovely smile and sophisticated yet eye-catching outfits. Now that she is 20 years old – the age of majority in Japan – we will hopefully be seeing a lot more of her as she partakes in official visits and activities as an adult.

Source: Naver Matome
Image: Twitter @11lnugon