20-year-old model Dong Lei was apparently declared to have the longest legs in the (modeling) world recently, measuring in at an incredible 45 inches, meaning her legs alone are, like, we don’t know, the height of a very large dog or maybe a very small horse or something. We’re not very good at comparisons like this.

Anyway, over on our Japanese sister site, this caught the attention of a female writer who, in her shock at Lei’s gorgeous but startlingly long legs, declared that she’d like to be kicked by them and then went to investigate more about this amazing model (disclaimer: our Japanese writers are kind of weird).

We found that Lei’s legs apparently make up 60 percent of her total height, which is, according to our admittedly cursory research, a good 15 percent longer in terms of leg-torso ratio than most normal people. Lei’s legs also, it seems, clock in at about three inches longer than the model previously known to have the longest legs, German model Nadja Auermann; although, keep in mind, there are non-models in the world with much longer legs still.

According to Chinese media, other Chinese models are quick to praise Lei’s shapely legs, which are not only really very long, but also well-toned and the perfect shape for the runway.

Lei, born in 1994, is still just 21 years old, and attributes her long legs to her tall parents (duh). Before starting her modeling career, which really blew up after her appearance on a Chinese model hunt show, Lei was in training to become a teacher.


As is our usual disclaimer, we do have to mention that there is, of course, more to a woman than whether or not she satisfies the male gaze, but Lei’s extraordinary leg length, let’s face it, kind of made a modeling career a foregone conclusion.

Still, though; Imagine if she’d chosen to become a kick boxer or something. That reach…


Source and Photos: Planets Daily


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