Everyone loves a makeover. From Cinderella to Grease to the Devil Wears Prada, the story of the dowdy girl who gets a haircut, throws on a new outfit and becomes a different woman is one that never ceases to entertain.

Now we don’t have to sit through the suspense of an entire movie to get to the big reveal, because girls in South Korea are going from ugly duckling to jaw-droppingly cute in a matter of seconds. How do they do it? It’s called “gagdoui jung-yoseong“, and the difference it makes to these pretty ladies is absolutely astounding.

YouTube user Kiyomi Gwiyomi has compiled several videos recording the miraculous transformations of a number of girls. Two of her top 10 videos are so popular they have combined views of more than 1.7 million.

Called “The Importance of the Angle”, the videos show how easy it is to look ugly when caught out in the wrong position. Anyone who’s ever taken a selfie will have worked out by now that low camera angles are unflattering but these examples are bordering on terrifying.

▼ You may have seen this particular image before. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The women in the video can be heard saying “gagdoui jung-yoseong” or “the importance of the angle” while holding the camera in a low position. Once they move the camera above chin height, they look like a totally different person.


If a woman you haven’t met before comes over to speak to you while you’re sitting at your desk and she happens to look like the lady on the left, you might want to think twice about refusing her advances. Who knows, she might actually be a drop-dead gorgeous beauty once you stand up!

▼ Only thing is, once you’ve changed positions, you’ll end up looking like the woman on the left


▼ Brace yourself for a few surprises by checking out the compilation below.

▼ For more reveals, including this gem, take a look at the next video below.


We’re loving the fact that, by not taking themselves too seriously, these girls are teaching us all a lesson in media manipulation which is a great reminder that the beauty industry doesn’t always reveal women as they truly are. Well, that and the fact that people shouldn’t talk down to others because it’s uglier than we could have ever imagined!

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