You learn something new everyday. And today I learnt a new Japanese word, or at least an English-sourced bit of slang Japanese pet-lovers sometimes toss around.

You know that ferocious shaking of an animal’s head when they get wet and try to dry themselves off, or when they’re trying to shake out an itch? Well, sometimes in Japanese, people call it “doriru” (the Japanese corrupted pronunciation of “drill”) as it mimics the rapid rotational movement of an electric drill.

“Drill” is taking pet lovers and animal lovers by storm. Because let’s face it, it’s pretty darn cute to watch. It’s not uncommon to add the animal as a prefix to “drill.”

Recently, shiba-inu drill has been all the rage. For those who need a visual, check out this video. (Skip to 2:17 for the shiba-drill).

But not to be outdone in the cuteness stakes, even the humble hamster wants in on the drill action and is jumping on the bandwagon.

We present the hamster drill.


And just like that, you’ve satisfied your recommended daily dose of cuteness.

Source: Hamsoku, YouTube (Shibainu Q Tube)
Top image: Twitter/@mocomo2co2
Images: Twitter/@mocomo2co2