Ah, the selfie stick. No piece of consumer gadgetry in recent history has received quite as much hate as this doodad. It seems to many the embodiment of the narcissism of the digital age, not just because it’s used to take photos of oneself, but because users often manage to heedlessly whack and prod bystanders in their search for the perfect angle.

To witness the corrosive power of the selfie stick, see how all your warm fuzzy memories of Harry Potter are completely ruined when wands are replaced by selfie-sticked iPhones.

These powerful testaments to the douchbaggery of the selfie stick come from Japanese Twitter user @tkst_kawori. Accio Photoshop!

Let’s take a closer look.

▼ “This grumpy cloud background is going to be like so hot on Instagram, you guys.”


▼ Harry, no! Don’t you know distracted driving is the cause of 60% of broomstick collisions?!


▼ “This should be on MTV Potion Dungeons! #SnapeSelfie, #badguynowaitgoodguy #kiddingbadguy #noactuallygoodguy #Lily4eva”


▼ “What should I do today? Like this photo to vote brood about HP and kick a house elf, share to vote hair treatment for my lovely locks!”


Japanese commenters loved the idea, or maybe love-hated is a better way of putting it.

“This is the dark underbelly of modern technology.”
“I’m jealous of that level of creativity.”
“Harry’s like ‘Just flying on my broom now. NBD.’ LOL!”
“Everybody smile and say ‘expecto patronum’!”

At the risk of outing my myself as a total dork and pedant, I would just like to point out that magic interferes with electronics, so you’d never actually catch a Hogwarts wizard snapping a selfie because neither the smartphone nor selfie stick would work, but props to @tkst_kawori for the funny idea!

H/T Hamster Sokuhou
Images: @tkst_kawori