People in Japan love parfait. From massive concoctions topped with an entire slice of cake to more inventive creations designed to represent Japanese bonsai, we’ve always been keen to share the best of our frozen dessert finds with our dear readers, and today is no exception.

Because today we bring you the fish parfait. To be specific, this is a lightly grilled sashimi bonito parfait, which combines the rich, succulent flavours of seared fish and garlic with the sweet taste of ice cream. So what is it that makes this such a successful combination?

The unusual dessert is available from Restaurant Yuzuan, a small establishment in Nankoku, Kochi Prefecture, which specialises in katsuo tataki, or lightly grilled bonito. The parfait comes in three sizes: small (1 slice of bonito) for 490 yen (US$3.91), medium (2 slices) for 790 yen ($6.30) and large (3 slices) for 999 yen ($7.98).


The parfait includes a few thick slices of garlic, which is traditionally served with grilled bonito to complement its strong flavour. Another side condiment usually served with the dish is ginger, which comes here in the form of ginger ice cream.


A variety of fruit and vegetables are used to accompany the traditional combination of bonito, garlic and ginger. Although the ingredients may change slightly depending on the time of year, everything except the chocolate Pocky sticks is sourced locally from Kochi Prefecture.


▼ Another important component to add to your dessert: salt.


The unusual dish is incredibly popular with customers, who have nothing but praise for the unlikely combination of ginger ice cream and bonito. The hit of the ginger goes well with the sweetness of the cream and is a wonderful match for the strong fish flavour.


For customers who really want to go to town, why not try a side of matcha green tea ice cream and upgrade to a set meal with rice and miso?


Customers are now greeted with even more stunning presentation, thanks to the recent inclusion of Swiss chard. With this amount of green, it’s got to be healthy, right?


So what do you think of the fabulously fishy sashimi parfait? If you’re game enough to get your mouth around one of these, check out the restaurant website for details. Their homepage is just as quirky as their unusual dessert!


Images: Another Tokyo Tokimeki Rukuki れストラン ゆず庵 @Press Tabelog
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