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Last week, we looked at some adorable liquid-filled Disney iPhone cases from smartphone accessory manufacturer Hamee that let you play with the cast of Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Frozen. If you happen to suffer from acute aquaphobia, or just love Disney so much that you can’t look at the studio’s characters without wishing you yourself were one, though, Hamee has still got you covered, with these clever iPhone cases that will transform you into Mickey or his closest pals every time you hold up your phone to snap a picture.

At first glance, Hamee’s Manekko i Case series (from maneru, the Japanese word for “impersonate”) might not look so different from other Disney-licensed smartphone goodies.

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Look again from a different angle, though, and you can see that the cases, modeled after Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy, aren’t flat, but rather have pronounced contours that give them a 3-D effect.

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While this makes them extra cute and eye-catching during normal use, the real reason for their unique design becomes apparent when you use your iPhone’s camera. While you’re checking the screen to see that you’ve got the shot lined up, what everyone else is seeing is this.

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Suddenly having a Disney character looking at you will put just about anyone in a good mood, but lightening the atmosphere isn’t the only photography benefit Hamee’s cases provide. Two of the most commonly smartphone photographed subjects are pets and kids, and neither group is known for its long attention span. But while it may be hard to get them to look back at a cold, unfeeling camera lens, a surprise visit from the world’s most famous cartoon mice and duck has a pretty good chance of holding their interest long enough for you to hit the shutter.

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The Manekko i Case fits the iPhone 6 and sells for 2,160 yen (US$17). All four designs can be ordered directly from Hamee here, and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

▼ Except Donald, of course, because that dude has problems.

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Source, images: Hamee
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