Pretty much everyone these days has tried one of the games in the Super Mario Bros. series at least once. Even if you’re one of the rare few who hasn’t, you’re sure to be familiar with the story of Mario’s adventure through land of green warp pipes and magic stars to save the princess from the evil hands of the evil King Koopa.

Well today, Mario is on a break, and it’s Super Dogio to the rescue! Watch him collect coins and fight goombas and koopas like pro in this all-too-perfectly arranged video. But will he reach his prize at the end?

This video by Petcentric begins with our doggy hero warping in through a green pipe. Then the game begins!

Just like in the Mario games, this platforming dog goes about collecting coins, and using koopa shells to knock out impending enemies. He even has an encounter with Chain Chomp, and narrowly escapes a run-in with the Whomp King.

Proving his jumping ability as well, our Dogio collects a star and goes into invincible mode, eventually making it to the castle. But does his reward await? Sadly no, as that killjoy Toad is there to bear the ever-tiring news that the princess, or in this case doggy’s bone, is in another castle. Don’t you ever have any good news, Toadstool?

We hope to see a continuation of this handsome Mario dog’s adventures, but this time with a happy ending!

Source and featured image: YouTube (Petcentric)
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