If you’re equal parts anime fan and Lego enthusiast, this amazing motorised model will be right up your alley. It’s Kaneda’s iconic motorcycle from the animated cult film Akira and it’s made entirely from 1,091 Lego pieces.

The bike is so unique it can only be made with a guidebook and several limited-edition parts that are no longer in production, making this one of the most sought-after items amongst Lego-building Akira fans. Sightings are understandably rare so when we found a detailed video on the internet, we had to take a closer look.

The 1988 animated science-fiction epic Akira has been widely hailed as one of the greatest anime films of all time. If you haven’t seen it yet, drop what you’re doing and watch it now. Full of cyberpunk cool, the story is set in Neo-Tokyo in 2019, and stars a motorcycle gang headed by a young man called Kaneda. Stealing the show, however, is his awesome red chopper, which has been described as the most famous bike in sci-fi comic history.


The following model was built by Sariel’s LEGO® Technic Den, using the genius guidebook created by the Arvo Brothers. Some fans are buying the guidebook just for the sheer beauty of it, after falling in love with its incredibly detailed instructions and parts list.



▼ As with all good models, this baby moves. Nothing beats bringing your creation to life with a couple of motors to accelerate and reverse.



▼ Even the controller is made from Lego parts


▼ Not only is the steering impressive, it also provides some smooth turns that highlight the sleek, sexy body of the machine



▼ This neat camera angle puts us in the rider’s seat as we go for a test ride



▼ And just to add to the awesome details, the lights are also faithfully recreated




▼ To see the iconic bike in action, check out the video below!

Source: Culture LAB
Images: Sariel’s LEGO® Technic Den Arvo Brothers