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Although Universal Studios Japan (USJ) recently announced that they may be building a new amusement park in far-off Okinawa, it probably will not help the long lines and high ticket prices, and time and expense of traveling to Japan’s favorite amusement parks.

These same obstacles have been standing in the way of one young Japanese man and his yearning to experience Back to the Future – The Ride at USJ Osaka. His desire was so strong and his pockets so empty, he reinvented the ride in the comfort of his own home, and it’s actually a pretty believable substitute!

After watching the Back to the Future movies, future time machine innovator Kazu really wanted to experience the ride at USJ, but as he claims in his video, he has no money, there are too many people there and it’s too far away anyway. But that did not stop this dedicated fan! Kazu was now determined to recreate the same experience in his home and he seems to have done a pretty thorough job.

▼ This is his homemade DeLorean set-up.

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▼ Although, he admits that “It kind of looks like a primary school kid built it…”

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▼ And of course, with any amusement park ride, there are the safety warnings.

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▼ Without further ado, we give you Homemade Back to the Future-The Ride

If you only make it through the first couple of minutes, don’t worry, it’s just the same thing over and over from rest of the video. We’re sure it’s more exciting if you’re actually sitting in the chair though!

▼ The ride is complete with multiple screens, LED lights and fake smoke!

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Kazu must really like Back to the Future to spend the time to make this set-up, but then again, the experience and the Internet fame probably make it worth more than the money he would’ve spent going to the real thing! Nice going Kazu!

Source: NicoNico (カズ) via NariNari
Images: Screenshots from NicoNico (カズ)