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It goes without saying that no one is hanging out in a hospital just to soak up the elegantly relaxing atmosphere. What’s more, if we’re talking about an urgent care center, well, it’s sort of implied in the name that everyone in the waiting room wants to get treated as soon as possible.

Still, it’s human nature to feel a greater sense of immediacy with your own crises, so when the hospital staff tells you you’ll have to wait your turn, it can be hard to just wait patiently. Tried and true methods of calming yourself down include taking deep breaths, pacing around the room to burn off excess anxious energy, or taking a moment to mentally remind yourself that you’ve done all you can for the moment, and that keeping a clear head is the most important thing to do.

Or, you can do what this man in China did, and try to convince the nurse that your needs take priority by kicking her in the spine.

Zhuhai City has a population of over 1.5 million, and with the Xiangzhou District being its economic and political center, it’s safe to expect you won’t be the only one making use of its public facilities on a given day. So when this man walked into an urgent care center in Zhuhai while carrying his feverish child on June 2, he shouldn’t have been surprised to see other patients in the hospital.

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Walking up to a nurse, he looks to be informing the woman of his child’s symptoms. In response, the nurse places her hand on the boy’s head to get a rough estimate of his temperature, but determines that the child’s condition isn’t critical enough to warrant bypassing the others in need of medical attention who are already waiting.

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A rudimentary grasp of human resource management and logistics should tell you that if you want to cut down your waiting time in the hospital, it’s counterproductive to increase the staff’s workload by trying to injure other in the immediate vicinity. The father, though, is thinking outside the box/confines of human decency. So when the nurse turns away to get back to her duties, before she’s taken a full step the man is already moving to forcefully plant one of his sandals in the small of her back

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In general, guys who sucker kick women aren’t the toughest members of their gender, but you don’t have to be a particularly capable fighter to seriously hurt someone when taking this sort of cheap shot, and as the man’s foot slams into the nurse, she goes barreling out of frame. She’s back a moment later, and ready to return the favor by smacking her cowardly assailant, until he reveals his second advanced fighting technique: shielding yourself with your own sick child.

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But just because he’s putting up a morally bankrupt defense doesn’t mean he can’t also go back on an equally reprehensible offensive, and, while still holding his son in his left arm, the man throws a looping punch with his right. None of the bystanders come to the woman’s aid, but by this point the commotion has drawn the attention of her coworkers, and a masked doctor steps out of his office to help her.

Perhaps afraid that the doctor could be a surgeon, and thus armed with an array of scalpels, the father bides his time before making one last attempt to grab the nurse. She manages to avoid his grasp, though, and while taking refuge in the office, the doctor and father exchange a series of finger points, which we assume aren’t being accompanied by heartfelt declarations of “No, dude, you’re the best!”

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In the end, the man storms out of the hospital without his son being treated. We have to say, we feel incredibly sorry for that kid, and not just because of his fever.

Source: Zaeega
Images: YouTube/WeiboVideo