Perhaps you’re getting ready to cosplay as your favorite opposite-gendered character or you’re on your way to one of the dedicated crossdressing bars in Tokyo or Osaka. Maybe you just want to experience what it feels like to dress as a member of the opposite sex. Whatever your reasons for wanting to make a few cosmetic changes, there’s a beauty salon in Tokyo that would be more than happy to help you out, and promises to give you the full cross-dressing treatment you require.

Total Beauty Salon ZOOM in Tokyo’s Ebisu district has become a popular place for all kinds of gender-bending makeovers. Whether you identify as male and are looking to transform into a female for a short time or vice-versa, ZOOM has got you covered.

The salon’s official website proudly proclaims that it’s “the salon where you can meet the ‘you’ that you dreamed of,” and offers a description of two of its most popular services: transforming its clients into ririjo (リリジョ) and ririmen (リリメン). Both of these are currently buzzwords among young Japanese people; as portmanteaus of the English word “release,” the Japanese morpheme for female (jo), and the English word “men,” these words evoke a greater sense of freedom than the typical terms used for cross-dressing in Japanese.

Ririjo (a man dressing as a female) on the left and ririmen (a woman dressing as a man) on the right


In addition, ZOOM Salon’s YouTube channel features dozens of promotional videos showcasing the ‘transformation sequences’ of several male and female clients in the form of one-minute time-lapse videos. Check out both of the sample videos below for an intimate look at one of the beauticians working her magic:

Ririjo sample video

Ririmen sample video

If Total Beauty Salon ZOOM looks like something that you’d enjoy trying out, book an appointment today for the next time you’re in the Ebisu area! Relevant contact information is displayed below.

トータルビューティーサロン ZOOM
Total Beauty Salon ZOOM

2-3-9 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
407 Ura MKY Ebisu Building

Hours: 12pm-10pm

Days closed: Tuesdays

Tel: 090-3211-0743

Sources/Images: Total Beauty Salon ZOOM, YouTube (Total Beauty Salon ZOOM)