It’s no surprise that many celebrations and social gatherings center around food. Food is a big part of pretty much every country’s culture, and since many of us eat around three times a day, it makes sense to enjoy your grub in the company of friends or family.

But when we’re out to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the wait for our food can put us in a bad mood, particularly if our stomachs have been empty for a bit too long. One company, however, has come up with a nifty way to help restaurants serve up a bit of high-tech entertainment to its guests: a pint-sized chef who cooks up your meal right on your plate!

Le Petit Chef is a 3D mapping performance designed by SkullMapping, which projects a virtual table setting in front of you and then, in keeping with the program’s name, a little chef appears to “prepare” your meal as you wait for it.

The mini chef goes about lighting a fire and cooking the thick slice of steak sitting on your plate, and picking fresh vegetables straight from your table.

Things get even more exciting when he lifts up the fork that I was certain was the real thing at first.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 5.10.39 PMYouTube (Lo Ve)

Before you know it, the show is over and your meal is ready to enjoy.

With entertainment as cool as this, you may not even mind waiting a little longer for your food!

Source and feature image: YouTube (Lo Ve) via 2 Channel