When monsters strike, we like to think we’d all suit up and do battle with their adorable furry faces, but we reckon it’s probably safe to say that quite a few of us would be worthless in a fight, especially against a vicious onslaught of cute like what this father faced. Seeing the seat he’d bought his child overrun by these kawaii demons, he did what any sane person would do: Snapped photos and tweeted them for the whole Internet to see!

Twitter user @kokesukepapa recently tweeted the photos below of his adorable cats taking over a chair he’d bought for his toddler. As you can probably see, the photos are crazy adorable and both of his tweets ended up being retweeted thousands of times.

“This chair is for my kid, but a brown yokai (monster) has taken it! It looks so comfortable too.”

“I went out and bought this chair for my kid, but before I could get him to sit in it, this gray monster came and plopped down in it!”

What a terrible fate, to be haunted by these tiny monsters! If only humans weren’t so vulnerable to their big round eyes and fuzzy adorable faces! We’re sure everyone can sympathize with @kokesukepapa’s plight.

To help us recover from those horrifying pictures, here are the Twitter user’s three cats, sitting on their litter boxes and staring out the window. For…reasons?

“Wh-what are they doing? The three cats are sitting on the roofs of their litter boxes…Is it some kind of ceremony? Cats truly do some mysterious things, don’t they?”

Speaking of mysterious cats, here are the gray monster and the brown monster a year ago, when the brown one was still tiny and doubly adorable, going in circles chasing each other. Your squeals of delight, they will be endless.

▼ Or at least around 25 seconds long, because that’s how long this video.

Here are two more photos of the gray monster, named Suzumaro, interfering with @kokesukepapa’s plans. If nothing else, this proves that it’s a cat’s world…and we just live in it!

“I poured a cup of juice to drink after I got out of the bath, but when I got out of the bath, there was a monster sleeping with its face stuck in my cup, and I can’t drink my juice.”

In addition to tweeting adorable photos of his cats, @kokesukepapa also draws manga about them and posts them on his Ameblo blog. One of the major topics the Twitter user covers is his deceased cat Kokesuke. The cat, which was a Russian blue, was apparently afflicted with dry-type feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a feline disease that has a host of ill effects, including neurological issues.

▼ Kokesuke walking across the house, with @kokesukepapa cheering him on.

The Twitter user wrote one of his goals was to spread knowledge about FIP, and in that spirit, we wanted to share this page about the disease from the Cornell Feline Health Center from Cornell University.

All that’s extremely depressing, and we want you to enjoy the rest of the week, so here’s one more tweet of photos of Suzumaro!

“I came into the kitchen to do dishes, but I couldn’t because this monster was there intimidating me by striking a bizarre pose.”

We’d leave the dishes for tomorrow too, if we saw this in our kitchen. It’s just so darn frightening!

Sources: Twitter (@kokesukepapa), Ameblo
Image: Twitter (@kokesukepapa)