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Takeshima is a picturesque spot off the coast of Aichi Prefecture. Connected to the mainland by a 387-metre (1,270-foot) causeway, the tiny island is covered in lush greenery, and the only building is a shrine in the centre, which is said to be almost 900 years old.

But after one Twitter user uploaded some photos from a recent trip to the island, other netizens were quick to point out something rather creepy about one of the snaps. Let’s see if you can spot it!

“Takeshima?” I hear you say. “Isn’t that the Japanese name for the island grouping at the centre of a long-running territorial dispute between Japan and South Korea?” Well, yes, but Takeshima just means “Bamboo Island”, and this Takeshima is 350 miles away from that one.

No diplomatic disputes here.


The photo attracting so much attention is the one on the right, from Twitter user maomero:

[tweet align=center]

▼ Seen it yet?

▼ There, on her leg…


▼ Ahhhhhh!

Yep, it definitely looks a bit like a hand grabbing the girl’s ankle! That is indeed quite creepy.

Twitterers began to ask whether the image is photoshopped, which the poster of course denies:

“The ghost in that picture – did you edit it in?”
“Er, WTF?”

“The photo’s a fake, right?”
“It’s not!!”

Whether you believe it’s a trick of the light, a photoshop fake, or a spooky apparition, we’ve definitely found another creepy seaside photo to add to our album!

Source: Twitter via Hachima kikou
Featured image: Twitter 
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