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With the increased popularity of house and dance music, the DJs behind the booths have been becoming celebrities with massive followings and fan bases.

While not necessarily a big name before, this Filipino DJ has found his niche not by standing behind the electronic mixing turntables you might expect, but by “DJing” one of the most useful appliances in his kitchen: the gas stove.

We’re not sure what inspired DJ Kalan to turn the tables and set up in the kitchen, but it’s clear that people are liking his online antics as his video has been watched over 400,000 times since it was posted last September.

▼ Don’t try this at home!

With the Tiësto vs. Diplo (featuring Busta Rhymes) song “C’mon (Catch ’em By Surprise)” playing in the background, DJ Kalan adopts his alternate identity, DJ Stove (Aoki)— a parody of the name of one of the genre’s real-life top players, DJ Steve Aoki.

▼ World-famous DJ Steve Aoki vs. …


Facebook (Steve Aoki)

▼ … (Almost) World famous DJ Stove.

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 YouTube (WanJunbo)

Looking quite comfortable behind his twin burners, DJ Stove busts out his headphones and sickest dance moves. Feeling the music and trying to convince us that he really is mixing the song on the stove, he slides his fingers around pretending to press buttons and turn knobs. Finally, just as the music reaches a climax, he turns the burners up to high, releasing two beams of flames.

▼ No seriously, don’t try this at home, kids.

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Screenshot from YouTube (Allen Ereña)

Rolling with his new-found popularity, DJ Stove set out to make more videos, including one in front of a “crowd” on a “real stage”.

▼ Now, that’s an open kitchen dance floor.

After a few months on hiatus, DJ Stove reappeared in March better than ever with amped-up party lights and leveling up to four burners! Whoa!

▼ He looks like he’s having so much fun.

▼ DJ Stove, master of the gas burner.

This is so silly, we love it. We also applaud him for not taking himself too seriously and seeming to really enjoy stove DJing (and probably real DJing). We’re not sure if it’s a result of his Internet fame or his true DJ skills, but it looks like DJ Stove is taking off and becoming quite a sensation real dance clubs too!

Source: IT Media
Top ImageYouTube (Allen Ereña)