Dogs are already known for their discipline. At least when humans are around to make sure they don’t eat garbage and lick their genitals all day long, they’re pretty good about following the rules their human masters set out before them – Marmaduke notwithstanding.

But perhaps no other type of dog is as disciplined and well-trained as the police dog. Police forces and militaries all over the world utilize these highly trained pups, not only for drug, bomb and suspicious butt sniffing, but also for search-and-rescue operations and even mine clearing. This type of highly specialized work unsurprisingly requires highly trained dogs, and police dog training is a fair bit more rigorous than getting Fido to roll over on command.

We had no idea, though, that this rigorous training regimen apparently even extends to doggy mealtime…

Recently making the rounds on Reddit is this photo of an (alleged) Chinese police dog academy. As you can see, a guy – who is inexplicably wearing a lab coat like he’s a flavor scientist in a Purina commercial – is seen getting ready to serve a line of dogs all sitting patiently, their personal chow bowls clutched in their mouths. The line is so perfectly straight, the dogs displaying such selfless patience, one can’t help but compare this orderly scene to the time you saw that woman at Starbucks punch a barista in the face for using 2% milk in her latte.

It even looks like China isn’t the only place to institute this doggy chow line policy. A different photo purports to show a line of canines queueing up for food – bowls in mouths – on a farm somewhere in wartime Finland, although these appear to be military dogs.


Aside from the impressive display of obedience, the photo is also, in the parlance of the kids these days, totes adorbs, and has drawn some pretty amusing comments from the Reddit crowd:

“That lab in the front looks like it’s a random dog trying to sneak in for some free food, hoping no one notices it.”

“If only humans could be taught to line up this orderly for food”

“‘This is my bowl. There are many like it, but this one is mine.'”

“‘I hope we get chicken tenders tonight.'”

All we can say is, if there are indeed chicken tenders in that tub, we certainly wouldn’t be showing the same kind of patience as these dogs.

Source: Laba Q
Photos: Imgur (1, 2)