Professional kickboxer and model Hitomi Nogata is looking to boost her internet fame by offering a literal kick in the pants to anyone willing, for absolutely free. Willing participants have their “kick ass” videos uploaded to Nogata’s YouTube channel. So far, at least a dozen people have signed up.

One participant was Akira Muramoto, a 22-year-old representative of a Tokyo venture company. He commented that the effect was very stimulating and while he wouldn’t let Nogata kick him every day, once a week might be okay.

The female kickboxer took her talent to the Niconico Kaigi 2015 event in April where women and Nogata’s own manager also volunteered for a motivating kick.

The market for these mildly masochistic activities have gotten more attention lately. Gravure idol Risa Yoshiki released a series of videos dedicating to berating the viewer in different situations and settings, like a work environment and in Edo-era Japan.

Source: Nikkei Asian Review, Tokyo Kinky

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