Jello, jelly, gelatin, …no matter what you call it, the light, refreshing dessert is popular around the world–and Japan is no exception.

Perhaps in the spirit of steadily rising temperatures, Japanese Twitter users have been pulling out all the creative stops by crafting summer gelatin desserts using whatever happens to be lying around the house as moulds, including tin cans, milk cartons, plastic bottles, and even yogurt containers. Get inspired to put your own creative culinary skills to use after the jump!

Luckily for those who are culinarily challenged, homemade gelatin is easy to make and requires only a few simple steps (you can find any number of basic recipes on the glorious internet). As the following Twitter users will show you, all you need is some (canned) fruit or beverage to use as a base, water, gelatin powder, and sugar, along with some type of container to put the mixture in while it hardens in the fridge.

Let’s take a look at some of the cost-effective moulds that Japanese Twitter users found lying around their kitchens:

Tin cans



▼ Coffee jello

Plastic bottles

▼ Here’s a short clip in Japanese showing how to make gelatin inside a bottle

Yogurt containers


…And even the peels and rinds of the fruits themselves!





What other common, everyday objects can you think of that would be perfect to make a gelatin creation inside?

Images: Recipe Blog, Rakuten Recipe (1, 2), Cookpad (1, 2, 3)