Kimo-kawa“, or kimo-kawaii, is a particularly interesting little Japanese oxymoronic phrase which means “gross-cute“. And it perfectly sums up these totally disgusting stag beetle earrings from wacky retailer Village Vanguard…

Each summer in Japan, little kids who are out of school often fill their days collecting bugs. Bug-catching nets and bug containers can be bought at most department stores and 100 yen shops. Kids also collect cicadas as well as the ever-popular stag beetle. While this may all sound too gross for words, it’s considered a totally normal hobby for school-aged kids, so we reckon the angle behind these yucky stag beetle earrings is “nostalgic fun”. Because surely nobody could wear these things without a heavy dose of irony… right?

The icky beetle earrings are set to go on sale this month at Village Vanguard shops around Japan, as well as on their website, and will retail for 1898 yen (US$15) for one bug. If you want both ears bugged, you will of course have to pay double.

While the stag beetle is pretty gross, arachnophobics should look away now, because the store also sells… spider earrings!!!

▼ NOoooooooOoooOOooooOOoooooo!

If you decide to wear one of these out and about, don’t be surprised if some well-meaning passerby attempts to swat if off you. These things are seriously realistic!

Source and images: Village Vanguard