What comes to a guy’s mind at the thought of summer? The sun, the beach, bikini-clad babes lying in the sun tanning on the beach…just to name a few. And what comes to a girl’s mind when she thinks of wearing bikinis to a beach in summer? Body hair, flabby arms and thighs, love handles, uneven tan lines…and don’t even get us started on stretch marks, those are the hardest to get rid of.

Some women may feel completely comfortable with their body and love every little scar and wrinkle on it, but a good many of them probably feel otherwise. Want to know an easy, sexy, and romantic way to say goodbye to those undesirable stretch marks? Check out this commercial that made stretch mark cream look sexy in a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey!

British author E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the best-selling erotic romance novels of our time . Although both the novel and its film adaptation have received negative reviews from critics, the series remains popular, especially among female readers, thanks to the various steamy encounters the protagonist has with the male lead, who happens to be a young and attractive wealthy entrepreneur with a taste for BDSM.

Making parodies of popular works isn’t a new trick pulled out of a hat, but hats off to the cheeky brains behind this Gly Derm commercial that thought of jazzing up the image of stretch mark cream, arguably one of the more unsexy products on the market, with a serving of erotica from the box office.

▼ This is Anna. She’s a regular girl-next-door type of woman…


▼ …who is bothered by undesirable stretch marks, a common beauty concern among women.


▼ In a twist of events, Anna ends up having an extraordinary relationship with an alluring, successful young entrepreneur…


▼ …who doesn’t quite romance like the average guy…


▼ …and has rather unique fetishes.


▼ And his trump card in bed? Gly Derm.


▼ Anna seems to be having the experience of her life.


We’re not sure if the product is capable of making stretch marks look fifty shades lighter, but according to Gly Derm’s website, the product is “clinically proven to help improve the color and reduce the size of stretch marks”. Ladies striving to perfect your skin texture to look your best in those cute bikinis and little summer dresses, this product might be worth a shot, though we can’t guarantee it’ll produce the same results if you don’t have a handsome and lusty magnate to slather it over your skin.

Source/Images: YouTube