It’s unknown to what extent pornography has had an effect on human sex culture, but as the internet has gotten bigger and society has become somewhat more sexually open, the amount of voyeurs getting their jollies watching videos of other people having sex has also increased. For some couples, that means taking voyeuristic fantasies to the next level by watching their lovers have sex with other people.

The problem? When your partner isn’t a willing participant, as is the case behind the recent arrest of a man in Chiba prefecture facing prostitution charges by police for pimping out the woman he was seeing.

Three years ago, 55-year-old Chiba resident Yoshiaki Shibata began dating a woman, 10 years his junior and with her name undisclosed. Soon after he started pimping her out to other men that would respond to ads Shibata had posted on various adult web sites.

Using the excuse that he “liked seeing women sleep with other men” (a taste known in Japanese fetish circles as netorare), Shibata supposedly forced the woman to have sex with an estimated 150 men or more over the span of two years, keeping all of the money obtained from clients during this time for himself.

The victim claims she had no desire to engage in prostitution, but was coerced by Shibata with the threat of violence if she disobeyed. This past February she suffered light injuries as a result of Shibata making good on those threats, and in May he was arrested on charges of prostitution.

Although one cannot even begin to imagine what this woman must have gone through, Shibata’s arrest and impending prosecution must be at least some small comfort, not only for her, but for other women around the area as well.

Source: Sankei News
Top image: Bit Wallpapers