Good music surpasses generations, and can be enjoyed and appreciated by both young and old. Many talented artists have left their eternal mark on the music scene, but probably none so much as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who – in spite of his untimely death – has continued to influence and entertain music lovers the world over.

Take for instance this eight-year-old boy from Japan who, young age aside, shows off his amazing dance talent with moves that may just rival the man himself!

The mini-Michael who wows the crowds with his perfect rendition of MJ’s dance moves is eight-year-old Shuutarou Kurauchi.

Watching him in action, you may be thinking that he must have had some serious dance lessons. But the truth is, Shuutarou is self-taught, learning how to move like this simply by watching Michael’s videos over and over and doing some research of his own.

His talent got him chosen from over 1,000 contestants at an audition for a Michael Jackson memorial concert — a reward that was rightly won.

Oh, an if you’re wondering who the man in the blue dancing behind him is, that would be Kento Mori, a top-class dancer who has worked with the likes of Madonna.

Pretty impressive for a kid with only eight years of life under his belt! And it’s good to know that great music and talent is not lost on the youth of today.

Source and featured image: YouTube (Fumiya Haraguchi) via CuRAZY