Hell hath no fury like a hungry cat, as one Japanese pet-owner discovered the hard way. Enjoying a morning lie-in a little too much, he found himself oversleeping, and the delay in putting out cat food at breakfast time did not go unnoticed by his two felines. In a country where punctuality is revered, this was an absolute CATastrophe!

Imagine the surprise of Twitter user @HOMEALONE_ksk when he awoke to this: two glaring cats with steely eyes.

cat 2

What’s that saying about if looks could kill? These cats have certainly purrfected the death stare, and clearly, they were not happy about their owner sleeping in. Like clockwork they were waiting to be fed at their usual time.

Waking up in a frenzy, and sweating profusely, the cat owner in true Japanese fashion is super apologetic and immediately serves his cats their breakfast. We know who rules this household.

“Why can’t you do something more cute, like lick my face, instead of looking me at like that?” laments the cat owner on his Twitter feed.

He’s got a point. Sure, being late serving your kitties their breakfast is a minor infraction, but that’s no reason to go acting like he committed a feliney!


Source: Twitter (@HOMEALONE_ksk) 
Images: Twitter (@HOMEALONE_ksk)