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With summer well on its way for most of us in the northern hemisphere, people have begun to break out their T-shirts, sundresses, and shorts, showing off more skin and allowing their bodies to soak up all that vitamin D it missed during the winter months.

But for some people, the increased skin exposure can make them a bit more self conscious, be it about their weight, body shape or pale skin (in my case at least…). For some men in Japanhaving too much leg hair can be a bit of an embarrassment, so before shedding those long slacks and jeans in favor of cooler, airier shorts, some Japanese guys are picking up this much talked-about “Leg-Trimmer“.

People are raving about it online, posting before-and-after photos on forums, and the murmurs have even made their way over to neighboring South Korea.

While it looks like just a normal razor, the Leg Trimmer doesn’t completely shave off the leg hair, but only thins it out. While having legs that are too hairy might bother you, having completely hairless legs might be kind of weird for you too… Gotta have that happy medium, I guess?

P5310014Image: Uzla

These trimmers are also popping up in drug stores in Korea, becoming a hot summer item for men over there as well. Net users have been posting their own experiences and reviews of the product:

“Wow! How can it leave just the perfect amount like that?”

“By boyfriend bought his in Japan, he says it works well.”

“I tried it out, but it wasn’t as great as I was expecting.”

“I went to the drugstore yesterday to by one for my little brother, but they’re sold out all over the country (sob)”

“I want to buy this for my boyfriend. Or maybe I just want to use it for my own arm hair.”

“Is this just for men? I want to use it too because I’m really hairy.”

Do I spoil the fun and tell them they can achieve similar results using a normal razor by gently shaving in the direction the hair grows?

If you want to try it for yourself, it appears to be available on Yahoo! Japan Shopping.

Have a happy, less-hairy summer everyone!

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Featured image: Yahoo! Japan Shopping, Country edited by RocketNews24