Well, we didn’t ask for it, anyway. But it’s here, so somebody probably did. Was it you? It was you, wasn’t it?  You and your bizarrely specific fetishes, you big weirdo. Now you’ve gone and opened the Pandora’s box of erotic manga parody, sexy Crayon Shin-chan‘s arrival is only a matter of time.

Nozoemon is a new manga series which replaces Nobita-kun with a horny high school kid and Doraemon with a cyborg from the future who takes the form of a very young girl. Just wait until you read about the hijinks they get up to.

Nozoemon will apparently revolve around high school student Takashi, who, according to plot synopses, is obsessed with at least one “gravure model-esque” girl at his school. Although, as these types of stories tend to go, we’re almost certain there will be more than one such love interest. The titular Nozoemon – playing the part of the helpful cyborg from the future filled by the beloved robot kitty in Doraemon – enters the scene in the first issue and sets in with her bungling attempts at helping hook Takashi up with girls at his school.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get a hold of our own copy of the first issue of Nozoemon – having blown our annual budget on many multitudes of earphone sets to shove into our orifices – so we’re just going on promotional materials to judge just how pervy and weird the contents of the manga get.

What we know is that Nozoemon carries around a classic Japanese elementary school backpack filled with, ahem, “toys” that Nozoemon uses to help Takashi. Of course, these toys often backfire and, according to Japanese news site Comic Natalie, get Takashi caught up in all kinds of sexually suggestive situations. The tagline featured on promotional materials reads (paraphrasing here), “The dumb, slightly erotic adventure begins!” It also describes the series as SF – not for “Sci-fi,” mind you, but for, “Slightly Fakkin.” We presume it means what you think it means, but erotic manga parody fans in the peanut gallery can feel free to correct us if we’re wrong here.

Interested parties can open an Incognito Mode browser window andbuy the first volume on Amazon Japan here.

Source: Comic Natalie
Feature image: Twitter/Comic Natalie; Top image: Amazon JP