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A mysterious green sea creature with what appears to be a long, pink tongue has been captured on camera in Taiwan. The footage of the creepy sea worm was uploaded to Facebook by Wei Cheng Jian, who said he came across it while fishing in Penghu.

Commenters quickly identified the creature as a ribbon worm, a slow-moving carnivorous sea worm. We’ve got a better idea though – at last, it’s proof that Flubber is real!

Ribbon worms are usually found in tropical and sub-tropical seas, although this one appears to have made the leap to dry land. That pink appendage is a feeding tube, reports the Telegraph, and is used to cover its prey in poisonous mucus.

▼ Lovely!

Strange_Creature_TaiwanGIF: via YouTube

Yep, definitely looks like Flubber to us. Flubber, or flying rubber, was invented in 1997, and is a green goo which increases in speed as it bounces. It is very scientific.

▼ Prof. Brainard (pronounced Brain-nerd) with Flubber.

14_Flubber-460x225Phill Norwood

This video from Taiwan doesn’t actually show the rubber worm creature flying, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before that’s caught on camera, too. For now, here’s a clip of Flubber in lab conditions:

Don’t have nightmares!

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