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Those of you who were excited after hearing about the Macho Cafe opening in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo in April will be thrilled to hear about this new idol music group who just made their debut this week. The group is composed entirely of, you guessed it- macho men!

Can’t get enough of those rippling pectorals? Well there’s plenty for you here.

After the success of the Macho Cafe, which attracted so many people that numbered tickets had to start being assigned to avoid excessive lines, the organization that helped put the event together, Ohime-sama Dakko Kyoukai, has now teamed up with a group called Hai Corporation to establish a new macho-themed project. The idol group’s name? Macho29.



The group just held their debut event this past Wednesday, June 10, in the event space on the 8th floor of Shibuya’s Marui department store. The group currently has 10 members (which is bound to increase knowing Japan’s fixation with excessively large idol groups), who have agreed to adhere to a set of six rules: 1. No consumption of alcohol, 2. No smoking, 3. No violence, 4. Inhale oxygen, 5. Drink protein, and 6. Muscle cell destruction… whatever that’s supposed to mean.

The man responsible for their debut song, “Viva Macho!”, is Shinji Tamura, who has produced for other highly famous idol groups like SMAP and SKE48. This is legit, folks! Macho-lovers, you’re in for something special.

We’ll leave you with a short video of the men in action. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

Source and images: Kai-You via My Game News Flash
Featured image: YouTube