This above image was posted onto Twitter recently and maps out the human face divided into regions where pimples may emerge. Labelled on each section is one or two body parts that connect to it. The idea is that the presence of zits in those regions would indicate an excess of toxins in their corresponding body parts.

Now unless you’re somewhat proficient in Asian languages it might not make a lot of sense so let’s take a look at an English version of it, shall we?

Let’s start with the tweet which first posted the diagram.

“This diagram shows us if toxins have accumulated in certain organs based on the location of acne. The things we eat and waste products that cannot be processed by our organs are rejected by our body in the form of pimples. That’s why when you don’t eat too much sugar and fat, you don’t get acne. The body is interesting.”

First off, the tweet seems to be referring to “toxins” in the the alternative medicine sense, meaning some type of nondescript substance the lingers inside our body from bad food, environments, etc. It is probably not referring to the scientific “toxin” which you might get from a black widow spider bite or jellyfish sting. Those are generally very easy to locate on the body due to the fact that they’re occasionally lethal and usually really, really painful.

Also it would appear that this photo is of a poster or magazine article. Since we don’t have image rights to that lovely model, we’ll have to find our own. Let’s see…who can we… Oh! Excuse me sir!

First let’s map out Ganguro Sato’s face with the same lines using our state-of-the-art computer system.

Now to apply the labels to our fashionable warrior of holistic medicine.

So now we can see what our zits relate to. For example, I tend to get pimples on the tip of my nose which, aside from being hideously embarrassing, also apparently means my kidneys are full of junk.

Unfortunately the labels marking the eye sections were cropped out of the original tweet, but I going to go out on a limb and say pimples on your eyes probably mean there’s something seriously wrong with your eyes.

This diagram clearly wasn’t taken from the New England Journal of Medicine so you’d best take it with some mild skepticism at least. However, the underlying message of paying attention to what you put in your body is a sound one. And if the pursuit of a pretty face leads to better care of your lungs and heart, then how can that be bad?

Source: Twitter via Toychan (Japanese)